Consider Air New Zealand for non-stop Los Angeles to London

August 31, 2009

airnztailAirlines are an unpopular foe of the flying public and are constantly the object of frequent flyer criticism. The list of complaints against airlines often include flight delays, cramped seating and charging the customer for food and now even luggage. But while most of these frustrations apply to domestic travel, international travel is still somewhat better, at least for now. This is where the international airlines, specially those from Europe and Asia pull away from the American pack. Indeed names like US Airways, United and Delta cannot hold a candle to the likes of Singapore Airlines, Emirates, British Airways or even the once shunned Korean Airlines.

But one name that I flew last year, made me a fan for life. Air New Zealand flies directly from Los Angeles to London in around 10 hours, with three key features in their economy class (called Pacific Economy) which puts its American counterparts to shame:

  1. Extra leg room – the flight I was on, had much more leg room than any other economy class I have been on in recent memory.
  2. Comfortable head rests – adjustable head rests ensure you don’t end up drooling over your neighbor’s shoulder during that post dinner food coma.
  3. Personal TV – each seat has a personal TV that allows you to select your own entertainment, whenever you want. This includes games, movies, TV shows or even music.

Now if you are wondering what this flight cost me, it was back in summer of 2008 and it cost me $650 round-trip including taxes and fees. So a pretty sweet deal. I should mention that I don’t remember whether this was a 767 or a 777 (I think the latter) and it is possible that not all flights will have the above mentioned economy class features. How was the food you ask? Well the food on the flight I took was average, and the wine selection mediocre. But if you want to travel in that kind of luxury, a better option is a middle-eastern carrier like Gulf Air or the Emirates.

Meanwhile, I cannot think of a more comfortable, yet economical way of flying from Los Angeles to London (or back) than Air New Zealand.

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