Winter Travel Ideas

November 25, 2010

People usually link travel and vacations with summertime. Winter travel is usually reserved for those who go to the tropics during the cold months. But did you know that winter travel can be as fun and refreshing as spending a week in a Mexican resort? Well, yes, there is always the possibility of getting a cheap hostel in Sydney (because their summer happens during the North American winter), but there is also fun to be had in cold places too!

Québec Winter Carnival, Québec City

This winter carnival is the most famous in North America. Beyond being one of the most historically fascinating cities in North America, Québec has a traditional winter carnival with a ton of fun winter activities. There are snow and ice sculpture competitions, a race across the St-Lawrence river in traditional canoes, and a fun street parade where the Queen of the Carnival appears with the mascot, the Bonhomme Carnaval. You will want to stop by the Ice Hotel, the only one in North America and rebuilt every year out of pure ice and snow. You can also take advantage of the great skiing and snowboarding around the Québec region.

Pacific Northwest

It might always rain in Seattle, but it has among the nicest winter temperature in the northern part of the United States. It rarely gets below freezing, and the locals know how to handle the constant rain and drizzle. There are a ton of museums to visit, from the Experience Music Project to the Sci-Fi Museum. And nothing really compares to sitting down with your friends with a hot cup of coffee in Pike Place Market on a foggy morning. Winter in Seattle is perfect to absorb the unique, indie vibe of this underestimated city.

The Alps

If you’re a ski afficionado, you know that winter rhymes with skiing in the Swiss or French Alps. Of course, these resorts might be expensive, but saving up for them is well worth the while. And there are a ton of youth hostels throughout Europe to help you with housing costs. In any case, a ski trip in Europe is always a good thing to do during the winter. And given how small it is, if you get tired of the snow, you can drive for only a few hours and be on the beach in the Mediterranean. Talk about the best of both worlds!

These are all suggestions for people who don’t mind a little cold in their life. Of course, you are always free to go to the tropics or the southern hemisphere; Sydney hostels are always a welcoming place to stay if you decide to go down under. But for those who like to cozy up near a fireplace or go to the after-ski parties, then staying north of the Equator can definitely be fun.

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  1. Charles on February 6, 2013 at 3:23 AM

    Hi, Winter travel is a good time of the year to get ” Low season bargains” especially if you hit the typical summer resorts. Of course the weather won’t be comparable to the summer months, but you will get the chance to visit the sights and attractions without the heat and crowds! Malta is a good example.

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