Don’t Underestimate the Dark in Dark Knight

July 22, 2008

Like millions of people who flocked to theatres this past weekend to see the Dark Knight, I too decided to check it out despite the crowds and the packed seating. It was certainly a movie that lived up to the hype. Heath Ledger stole the show as the Joker and the movie was packed with action sequences and the grey gloom and doom of Gotham.

But more than ever before, this movie was dark. My first thought when I emerged from the Arc Light at Sherman Oaks was that it was intense. The score was masterful, full of suspense and while the storyline was uncomplicated, the acting, screenplay and production more than made up for it. It is not news that the movie broke some major box office records this weekend. One of my friends remarked that if Heath Ledger was not in the movie, it would have been pretty horrible. I couldn’t disagree more – the movie was a culmination of the different characters and others in the movie complemented his role. Another friend wished the movie wouldn’t end, but I thought the movie could have been shorter than two and a half hours.

In any case, I recommend watching the movie, although I would definitely not take your kids to this one. It is a little too dark, even for Batman and a bit too intense.


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